Sweetest travel recipe, Pincake.

Pincake is the one and only travel guide service as sweet as cake and bright as candle to guide you along your travel.
Forget about cumbersome, time-consuming preparation and plan out “smart” by organizing agenda and comparing prices via Pincake regardless of your age or gender.

Make your own special trip, now. Cherish your life with Pincake.

Share Platform

Enroll as travel writer

Are you still dreaming of becoming a travel writer? Pincake is a participatory open-community. Using Pincake’s Profit-Share Platform, anyone can become a travel writer.

Easy Planning

One-click travel preparation

Still struggling organizing your trip? Pincake planning service offers an easy, handy travel tips like no other. Not to mention, price comparison is a must.                                           

Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, Web

An Ominipresent sweetest travel recipe, Pincake. Have Pincake handy wherever you are! Download Pincake app or visit the web page to have us around you all the time! 


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