There’s one specific place that comes into mind when I think of “freedom”: the heaven on earth with emerald color sea, Okinawa, Japan.

“Island of Absolute Freedom”

There’s one specific place that comes into mind when I think of “freedom”: the heaven on earth with emerald color sea, Okinawa, Japan. Despite being a brief journey to the prefecture, the transparent sea still lingers in my mind whispering ‘escape’ in my ears thousands times a day.
There’s a reason Okinawa is imprinted as the heaven on earth in my mind: the cloudless sky, verdant forest, sublime coastal beach, but above all, the beauty that can be found only in islands in which you become a part of the grand nature driving along the coastal road. A 70-degree subtropical climate invites you to vibrant freedom with a variety of spots for individuals as well as families making you oblivious of hectic reality.

There are a few things to note before you visit Okinawa.

Famous for its beautiful coral reef and emerald ocean, Okinawa was originally an independent state called Ryuku for 450 years. Due to its geographical location, Ryuku was influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean trade, and twenty-seven years of military rule by the US after World War II, creating a unique culture and remains that were differentiated from the rest of Asia.

Now how do you make the most out of Okinawa trip?

Most travelers to Okinawa rent a car. Outside its capital city, Naha, is an endless road along the coast with exotic scenes, splendid nature, and undistracted driving courses that allows absolute freedom. Make sure to check out Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, where you can meet the world’s greatest nature and performances; as well as Nago Pineapple Park, an Okinawa’s specialty pineapple themed park. There are a plethora of places both for families and couples to enjoy. Also, you can see remnants of Ryuku Kingdom at Shuri Castle made in Chinese traditional architecture style around the prefecture. If you are an adventurer type, there are historical sites to explore the old Ryuku kingdom such as the royal garden Shikinaen, in which Ryuku royal family rested, and Seifa-utaki where it was considered the most sacred place to worship ancestors and spirits.

PINCAKE TIPS : A winterless, sunny-all-year-long island of Okinawa. For camp-lovers, who are searching for close-to-nature experience, make sure to carry a small tent with you to camp any time of the year at Yagaji Beach and the Azalea Park.

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