Dream-come-true Prague

Here’s a special place for those dazing and dozing off in monotonous life. In Prague, there exists magic that makes people’s heart beat again.

Where a Frozen Heart Beats Again—Prague, Czech Republic.

People are benumbed in repetitive days such that there’s not even a tear in heart-aching situations like breaking up. Good old chats with friends, black-and-white movies, and nostalgic melodies have turned into dusted memories of the past. Time passes idly as it did yesterday and will tomorrow.

Here’s a special place for those dazing and dozing off in monotonous life. In Prague, there exists magic that makes people’s heart beat again.

A city of dream-come-true.

“City that Mozart admired,” “city of thousands years of history,” and “A city of dream-come-true” all represent the city of Prague. Preserving most of its remnants from the Middle Ages, Prague offers a time travel to the past full of romance and nostalgia while strolling along the streets surrounded by UNESCO heritage sites.

At the Old Town Square are bustling pantomime and performances collecting tips from tourists. After sunset appears outdoor-cafes selling beer and side dishes and chimes the world famous Astronomical Clock across the heart of Prague. Once used as an execution site, the Old Town Square now serves as a perfect place to begin a journey exuding ebullience from the center of peaceful Jan Hus monument.

Prague creates unfathomable magic.

Strolling through alleys of Renaissance and Gothic buildings next to the Old Town Square is the Charles Bridge that would make one believe in destiny. The bridge is rather shabby than elegant from its old age, but watching lovers whispering love, one can’t help but slow down the steps to somehow magically encounter a Prince Charming.

A picturesque scene painted by sprinkling lights around the bridge exhibits inexplicable romance and ambiance. Street artists painting portraits of people, buskers jazzing up the atmosphere regardless of the number of audience, and the Vltava—the longest river in the Czech Republic—that rushes through Prague create unfathomable magic.

Turn the clock back into the Medieval Ages in Prague. Fainted memories begin to unveil, and once frozen heart starts to pound again as it melts by the warmth of reminiscence. People crossing the bridge and lovers promising love disappear and what was just an ordinary day turns into a bridge connecting the past and the future.

Gently shut eyes and a string of melody that tickles the ears. Could this be a dream that will disappear once eyes are opened? Butterflies fill up the stomach teaching me long-lost ‘emotions’ and infatuates everyone with magic called love and peace.

Reality to make you smile.

The street pass the Charles Bridge to Prague towels is full of curios and happy love-drunk people. The Golden Lane clustered with colorful houses and Czech’s prodigy writer Franz Kafka’s dwelling, etc. Even when one’s not looking for anything special, the tranquility found when walking down the street makes the road already special.

PINCAKE TIPS : Once in love with Prague, there’s no way back. If every day is dull and unbearable, get headed to Prague ASAP. A frigid heart will start to beat again and faded memories will turn into reality to make you smile.

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