The journey won’t be easy, even life-risking, but once you are on the road, the answer will come to you. Whatever you imagine, the Karakoram will show you beyond.

It’s All About Being on the Road: Karakoram Highway.

You’re on a road. The road faces the world’s second highest mountain K2 and 26,000ft tall west anchor of the Himalayas Nanga Parbat. Standing in front of souring peaks and glaciers, you cannot help but begin to contemplate about life and death. The road frequently ranks as one of the “Must visit roads before you die,” as well as “A road that must be taken.” You are on the Karakoram Highway (often abbreviated as KKH), the highest highway in the world.

Karakoram Highway.

Ever felt completely lost on the road of life, searching for answers to unanswerable questions? It’s that unpredictability that makes human life a little more special than that of others. For those endlessly reflecting on themselves and keep throwing questions, the KKH is a place to be. At the end of nicely paved asphalt road begins the adventurous journey along KKH between the peaks of Eight-thousanders. Some refer to the KKH as “The Road to Heaven” bedecked with blue sky and mountains capped in permanent snow; but in reality, the road isn’t as picturesque as described, rather spooky and eerie covered in black rocks. Could this be a must-visit road before you die? You might even wonder. Fortunately, unpredictable sceneries and trepidation that you never know what will happen next pump your heart rate as you feel the blood rushing through your veins.

Then why are you here?

But again, the ephemeral excitement soon becomes engulfed by the fear that you can die any moment by one wrong turn at the edge of the cliff. Your hands get uncontrollably wet, and forget about appreciation for life or mesmerizing scenes out the window; you’re too perturbed by death sitting right next to you. And damn that driver driving the bus with one hand, smoking his pipe with the other.

You get it that he drives down this road every day, but how can anyone be so cavalier at the edge of life or death? And those happy, I’m-headed-home faces Pakistani and merchants headed to the Central Asia. Do these people know what ‘fear’ is? You begin to wonder gripping tight to the handle as if that’s a life rope. Inside the tiny, crowded bus is berth that augments hazard. Also talk about the dust wind continuously blowing through the window. You are about to go nuts thanks to headache from high altitude and nausea from the dust.

Then why are you here? About an hour into the drive, finally commences the magic of the KKH. Fear, complaints, and dissatisfaction that giddy cliffs gave you now have turned into something beautiful like nostalgia, love, reminiscence, or even compassion. You no longer feel the weight on your shoulders as you divest burdens you carried one by one. The emancipated body then becomes filled with happiness, hope, and love taking to the state of complete placidity. That’s when you begin to notice the surroundings. The once considered dismal place has now transformed into a mystical Garden of Eden. This must be a painting: mountains standing high and rigid touching the cloudless sky. And yes, just like the happy Pakistani merchants’ faces, you find uncontrollable smile spreading across your face. It’s not about getting to a destination. It’s about you being on this road at this moment, the KKH whispers in to your ears.

If you are searching for unanswerable answers to life, take a journey to the Karakoram Highway. The journey won’t be easy, even life-risking, but once you are on the road, the answer will come to you. Whatever you imagine, the Karakoram will show you beyond.

PINCAKE TIPS : KKH is the highest paved international road in the world. It connects China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range, through the Khunjerab Pass, located at36°51′00″N 75°25′40″E, at an elevation of 4,693 metres (15,397 ft). Connecting China's Xinjiang region with autonomous region of Gilgit–Baltistan and Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the road is a popular tourist attraction. Due to its high elevation and the difficult conditions in which it was constructed, it is sometimes referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World.".

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