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Delicious Travel Recipe Pincake introduces you some handy tips on what to do in the case of passport misplacement.

Travel Tip Travel Dictionary– Lost or Stolen Passport Abroad.

Passport is your only form of identification while abroad. When a passport is lost or stolen not only you fail to provide identification such as in hotel and other places, but create a possible harm to a third party that might dampen your trip. Also, there are increasing cases of abuse of lost passport extra caution is needed.

Then what are some steps to take to replace a lost or stolen passport? Delicious Travel Recipe Pincake introduces you some handy tips on what to do in the case of passport misplacement.

Contact the nearest consulate for assistance.

When a passport is lost or stolen, don’t panic and contact the nearest police office to report passport loss. Fill out the travelers’ lost/stolen passport form and get an original certificate issued in order to renew your passport and receive travel certificate at embassies and legations abroad.

If you are having trouble with communication, note that you may request for translation at police stations or embassies.

Passport Issues vs. Travel Certificate.

After filling out the original document at police station, carry a photo, I.D., and an application form (provided at overseas agency) to request for reissuance of passport or travel certificate at the embassy.

Travel certificate is a document that exerts same effect as exceptionally issued passports especially for short-term travelers in a rush. The certificate on average is effective for about six months, although it may vary from country to country. After the issue of the certificate, it is possible to travel to a third country; however, in case of countries that do not accept travel certificate, practically it is recommended to use the certificate only as departure formalities. Some countries forbid departures even with the travel certificate, therefore it is recommended to carry the passport misplacement certificate issued at police station.

Always Carry Your Passport

Take precautions to fill in the signature slot on your passport and to prevent passport misplacement or damage before departure as well as during your travel abroad.

When passport is not needed during your trip, avoid humidity ruin and put it in waterproof bag if possible. Make sure your passport is not folded in a bag/carrier by placing it in a book or inner pocket. If you have a ePassport with IC chip, you can carry your passport in a specially designed passport case with electric film or aluminum foil to prevent illegal skimming of your electric information.

PINCAKE TIPS : Passport misplacement may occur to anyone. Using photocopies of your passport instead of the actual one may also prevent loss or damage.

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