Popular Travel Destinations.

If you have been procrastinating hitting the road blaming lack of money or time, here are some hot places that will get you out of bed immediately.

Traveler’s Guide 101: Popular Travel Destinations.

Which countries do people visit the most? Where are some of the least popular ones? The definition of satisfying travel may differ depending on traveler’s tastes or interests.

If you have been procrastinating hitting the road blaming lack of money or time, here are some hot places that will get you out of bed immediately.

All Time Must-visits .

The place turns ordinary cuisines into culinary arts attracting connoisseurs. Not to mention, wine, too. You guessed it: France ranked the most visited places by tourists for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. As seen in the movie “Is Paris Burning” (1966 film), even soldiers disobeyed Hitler’s orders in order to protect France’s rich history and arts France, indeed, a must visit place before you die.
If France is the most tourist-visited place, the U.S. ranks the number one visited place by foreigners. America reclaims its first place with its spectacular metropolises as well as its sublime nature like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. Longitudinal road trips by rent car, Grayhound for frugal backpackers, and Megabus—depending on your budget there are millions ways to explore the country.

The competitive third and fourth places go to Spain and China, respectively. Both countries boast distinctive characteristics and charms in every city. Spain exudes unique architectural style and bold colors unlike the rest of Europe, and the more you learn, the more attractive is China. The two countries’ fierce competition for the second place is much expected.

For Solo-trip Lovers.

Some appealing countries are greatly underestimated by its number of visitors. If you’d rather stay at tourist-free destinations to enjoy your own tranquility, here are some of the countries to keep an eye on.

An island nation Kiribati gained its reputation first as a transferring destination to Hawaii. Despite its miniature size of 33 islets and a population of 1,000,000, every year Kiribari is bustling with people to see the very first sunset in the world. Unfortunately, however, the island is in danger of submerging under water due to global climate change saddening many travelers.
Next is a less known, less crowded European island with, to be honest, a minor defect of not-exactly-the-world-class-transportation-system. Ranked at the bottom quartile for its number of tourists, this country speaks German despite its non-tangential geographical location, and not too crowded for a European country. The name of the country is Liechtenstein. Veteran travelers also wonder of substantial lack of tourists, but located on highlands of the Alps, Liechtenstein doesn’t fall behind nearby European countries.

Other less populous yet perfect for peaceful solo trip attractions include Jakarta of Indonesia, Timor-Leste located in north of Australia, Palau in the west Pacific Ocean, Dominica of the Caribbean sea, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies.


Popular Destinations Per Continent (ranked in order)
Asia: China- Malaysia – Hong Kong- Thailand – Macao – South Korea - Japan
Middle East: Saudi Arabia – Egypt – UAE – Syrias – Jordan – Israel
Europe: France – Spain – Italy – Turkey – Germany – UK
Africa: Morocco- South Africa – Tunisia – Zimbabwe – Kenya
Americas: USA – Mexico- Canada – Brazil –Argentina –Dominica

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Popular Travel Destinations.

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