Calling All Beer-Lovers: Czech Republic

If you can’t call it a day without quenching hundreds of creamy and mind-waking beer, try out the kingdom of beer the Czech Republic.

Calling All Beer-Lovers: Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic preserves its medieval mystics. When in Czech, elegant Baroque architecture and nostalgic alleys transport you back to the medieval age in nostalgia—street artists and euphonious music tickling your ears. And last but not least, Czech beer that flushes all the stress with a quench.

“Beer is life” for Czechs as shown in its highest beer consumption per capita in the world. The word tekuty chleb, or “fluid bread,” reflects how essential beer is to Czechs. The best ingredients (i.e. hops, etc.) cultivated from each region of the country, Czech beer is popular all over Europe for its light flavor.

There are so many kinds of local beer that it is impossible to tastes every beer in Czech in a short trip: from the world famous Pilsner Urquell to Primator Premium Larger—known for its golden color and clarity—and to Gambrinus—the most beloved beer in the Czech Republic.

Perfect Cuisine for Perfect Beer.

No good beer is completed without a good company and Czech cuisine. Above all, Goulash and Koleno are must try traditional Czech cuisine that go perfectly with Czech beer. The first dish is a stew of huge beef chunks and the later a roast pork knee.

Svíčková is one of the most popular Czech meals especially among foreigners. Some side dishes such as dry ham, fatless turkey and duck with spices make excellent pairs with beer.

Why Czech is a Must-Visit in Europe.

Czech is not only the best destination for beer lovers, but also for solo travelers looking for peace and solitude. Compared to other European countries the Czech Republic boasts generous prices, various entertainments, delectable Czech cuisine, and slacken Czech lifestyle that will make you smile.

Are you seeking for an escape from the modern world of chaos? Do you prefer eating and enjoying to sightseeing? Then, what awaits you? The Czech Republic will show you beyond whatever you imagine.

PINCAKE TIPS : Live to Drink—Czech Beer Festival : Czech Beer Festival is the biggest festival held in Prague every May to enjoy copious beer and food. Its size may be relatively small compared to Oktoberfest in Germany, but Czech Beer Festival provides the greatest opportunity to try out fresh beer. Check out for further details.

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