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Let the Beer Party Commence! - Oktoberfest in Germany

The festival is also known as one of the world’s top three funfairs. During the celebration, there is excessive food, music, and, of course, beer specially brewed for the Wiesn, as the locals say.

Crossing the Silk Road

The following are some highlights of a month-long journey along the Silk Road.

$10 Worth Happiness - Don Det, Laos

Nostalgia from Laos may linger longer than one expects. Don Det is not just about a cheap $8 vacation, but about having some time for oneself.

Calling All Beer-Lovers: Czech Republic

If you can’t call it a day without quenching hundreds of creamy and mind-waking beer, try out the kingdom of beer the Czech Republic.

Dream-come-true Prague

Here’s a special place for those dazing and dozing off in monotonous life. In Prague, there exists magic that makes people’s heart beat again.

The Tube is the Way to Go: London

Along the shore of River Thames in the United Kingdom, which includes Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland, is our destination today, London

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam sure has captivated the world with its rich and appetizing food as much as its neighbor Thailand.


I invite you to walk along the peaceful alleys of Buam-dong. Looking at adorable murals will take you back to old days of Seoul.

Kuala Lumpur

The city intersects a complicated mixture of Bangkok and other Southeast Asian cultures, spicing up the fun and recreation—you name it from shopping to various Asian dishes.


I introduce you a budget-, transportation-, tourist-, and even road-trip-friendly destination to travel via train that connects across the country. Welcome to, Taipai, Taiwan.


The journey won’t be easy, even life-risking, but once you are on the road, the answer will come to you. Whatever you imagine, the Karakoram will show you beyond.


You might be better off physically, but your soul has long been exhausted like a desert. If so, why not travel to Laos to slow your life one tempo down?